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If you live in north or east-central Alberta, we deliver your electricity. Our power lines stretch from Fort Chipewyan in the north all the way to Oyen in the south. Day or night, rain or shine, we keep the lights on in your communities.

We’ve been energizing homes, farms and businesses across north and east-central Alberta for more than 85 years. We serve nearly 229,000 customers in 242 communities and our service area covers nearly two-thirds of Alberta.

Headquartered in Edmonton, we have 38 offices throughout our service area.

The yellow areas in the below map represent our service territory. 

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Service Area Map

bringing electricity to you

We own and operate approximately 88,000 km of transmission and distribution lines that bring electricity to you. Our system is part of Alberta’s interconnected electricity grid. 

Learn more about how electricity gets from the power generation facility to your light switch.

did you know?

  • We’re working on several significant transmission projects aimed at enhancing the reliability and capacity of Alberta’s interconnected electricity grid.
  • We operate and maintain about 4,000 km of distribution power lines on behalf of Rural Electrification Associations.
  • We operate isolated generating units in remote communities.
  • We serve customers in Canada’s north though our subsidiary companies — ATCO Electric Yukon, Naka Power (NWT) and Naka Power (Yellowknife). 

Transmission vs Distribution

  • Transmission

    High-voltage lines move bulk power across the province. In Alberta, transmission facilities are typically defined as 69 kilovolts or higher.

  • Distribution

    Low-voltage lines carry power from the transmission system to your home, farm or business. The voltage is lowered to travel safely through towns, cities and rural areas.