Clean Energy Solutions

Project Profile

  • Fort Chipewyan Off-Grid Solar & Storage


    ATCO is committed to providing clean energy and reducing the reliance on diesel in remote communities.

    Fort Chipewyan is a remote community home to 1,000 people who rely on diesel generation for their electricity, since they are not connected to the main Alberta power grid. Every year, diesel is transported by trucks on winter roads that are only open for a six-week period. The community was outgrowing the the existing diesel tanks and a sustainable solution was needed.

    Instead of adding more diesel tank storage, ATCO and Fort Chipewyan Indigenous Partners are installing the largest off-grid solar and storage microgrid project in Canada, reducing the community's reliance on diesel generation.

    PHASE 1

    • 600 kW solar array
    • Owned and operated by ATCO

    PHASE 2

    • Full ownership of 2,200 kW solar array by Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation, Mikisew Cree First Nation, Fort Chipewyan Métis Local 125
    • Design-Build-Operate by ATCO
    • 1,700 kWh battery storage and a microgrid control system owned and operated by ATCO


    Awards: 2021 Emerald Award recipient in the Energy category.

    Date:  PHASE 1: June 2019 | PHASE 2: Q4 2020 

    Location:  Fort Chipewyan 

    Client:  Fort Chipewyan 

    Category:  Solar Solutions


    • Reduces diesel use by 800,000 L annually
    • Reduces CO2 emissions by 2,145 tonnes each year 
    • Reduces number of diesel trucks on winter roads by 25 annually
    • 25% renewable electricity
    • Does not increase community electricity rates
    • Improves air quality, reduces noise, less environmental risk
    • Enables community ownership and self-sustaining economic development through job creation, investment in infrastructure and revenue from the sale of clean energy