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Generating electricity right at home

The world of electricity is changing, and we are here to help you take advantage of renewables to offset your energy usage through micro-generation.

Micro-generation solutions help you take control of your electricity needs by generating power right at home. Typically less than five megawatts in size, micro-generation units produce electricity using renewable, environmentally-friendly technologies such as solar panels, combined heat and power, small-scale hydro, wind, biomass or fuel cells.

Bring micro-generation to your home

  1. Complete the micro-generation application form. Please remember that missing or incomplete information on the application may cause delays in providing service.
  2. Send the application form with all the required documents to
  3. Notify your electric retailer. You must advise them of the micro-generation connection date and arrange for compensation for any extra energy your unit creates.

Once we receive your application, we will review and confirm it meets the criteria of a micro-generator. If it does, we will forward the application to our local office, which will coordinate the installation of bi-directional metering and the signing of an operating agreement.


  • Micro-generation Application Form

  • Micro-generation Notice Submission Guideline

  • AUC Rule 024: Rules Respecting Micro-Generation

  • Consent to Release Information and Agent Authorization Form