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    Getting around is going to get a lot easier for our electric vehicle owners. With support from the City of Edmonton, we’re piloting Edmonton's newest public curbside Electric Vehicle (EV) charging service.

    As part of the five-year project, up to 5 dual-port Level 2 curbside charging stations will be installed at on-street curbside City parking spaces

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    Project Overview


    • 10504 83 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB
    • 12316 104th Ave NW Edmonton, AB 
    • 12407 106 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB 
    • 10808 99 Ave, Edmonton, AB 
    • 12418 108th Ave NW, Edmonton, AB

    All stations are fully energized and ready to charge your EV.


    • Drivers using these stations will still pay applicable parking fees and follow all posted parking restrictions. The fees for charging will be announced separately.  
    • ​The two parking spaces beside the chargers will be intended for EVs to use while they are actively charging. Drivers will be asked to respect the use of these spaces.  ​
    • ​​This project is not City of Edmonton tax-payer funded. Funding for this project is provided by ATCO with partial funding support from Natural Resources Canada.  
    • Vehicles parked in charging spots that are not using the charger will first be issued a warning ticket and on the second offence be issued a bylaw offence ticket.


    Why do ATCO and the City of Edmonton care about EVs?

    Public charging stations allow EV owners to drive with confidence around Edmonton due to readily available electricity. Installing public charging stations also supports electric vehicle adoption which benefits the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving air quality and reducing noise pollution helping Albertans to work towards a cleaner energy future. 

    ATCO is committed to improving the lives of our customers and Edmontonians by providing sustainable, innovative and comprehensive energy solutions. Supporting projects related to electric vehicles solidifies our position as a leader in delivering forward looking alternative energy solutions that help Albertans embrace a cleaner energy future.

    For the City of Edmonton, reducing greenhouse gas emissions is one of the City’s top priorities. Transportation choices play a critical role in helping the City achieve this goal. We know that cars will continue to be a part of Edmonton’s transportation system and so we need to begin the shift towards vehicles powered by cleaner electricity. Electric vehicles are one way to reduce our environmental impact from personal vehicles. Learn more at

    Call us toll-free at: 1 855 420 5775 or email using the button below. 

    AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE ABOUT PRIVACY:  ATCO and the City, are collaborating on this project, we may need to share your comments and personal information to respond to comments or questions raised on the project. Your comments and personal information will not be made public through the planning or construction process.  If you have questions or concerns about your information or how it may be used or disclosed as part of this process, please contact us.