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That's more than a motto. It’s our promise to you.

Electricity can be extremely dangerous, and we want you to be safe. That’s why we offer free interactive training, demos and classroom resources for schools, businesses and organizations in our service area.*

Call 1-800-668-2248 or contact us online for more information or to book a session.

*If you’re not in our service area, please contact your local utility.

Electricity Education Resources


    Learn about 12 electrical hazards you’re likely to come across at home or in your community. Our interactive demo, with shocking sound and visual effects, drives home the dangers of playing and working around power lines. Kids and adults alike learn how to spot and avoid hazards. Book a demo for your school or event today.



    You'll probably beat us to the scene of an emergency involving electrical facilities. Are you up-to-date with the latest response tactics and electric safety practices? We offer free half-day power line safety training for emergency first responders – Fire, RCMP, Emergency Medical Services and Environment Sustainable Resource Development (ESRD) personnel – in our service area. Led by our safety professionals and Power Line Technicians, you’ll learn you need to know to protect the public and respond safely to electrical emergencies.


    Make sure you and your crew go home safe at the end of your shift.

    Learn how to identify and avoid power line hazards on the worksite. Our presentation and interactive electric hazard simulator demonstrate the terrible consequences of contacting an energized power line in a way that you won’t soon forget. Seeing is believing when it comes to the potentially fatal power of electricity. 

Safety Resources

Get safety tips, checklists and how-to videos to help you, your family and your people stay safe. 

Partners in Power line Safety

We work with our industry partners to promote power line safety and prevent accidents. Visit our partners' sites for more resources and training.