Our Energy Future


Advancing ATCO'S energy future with renewable solutions

Critical to our energy transition strategy is the development and integration of renewable energy and battery storage solutions. Understanding the long-term benefits of innovative, green solutions, ATCO has invested in alternative and renewable energy solutions for 30 years. We enable the transition to cleaner fuels and electricity, without sacrificing the safety, reliability or affordability of energy. Solutions are driven by innovative technologies that will be integrated into a modern energy infrastructure.

ATCO is actively growing its renewable energy expertise and portfolio, including providing cleaner energy solutions to the communities we serve.  To ensure the reliability of energy now and in the future, our strategy is to pursue cleaner fuels, renewable energy and energy efficiency improvements, while maintaining existing and investing in new and replacement infrastructure. Including hydroelectricity and solar, 23 per cent of our power generation is from renewable energy. 

Our Experience

The following projects demonstrate ATCO Electric’s commitment to advance the transition to a lower emitting future for our customers and the community through the use of solar generation and energy storage.


    Ft. Chip Phase 1 Solar 600kW of solar and battery storage to support 3NE Solar

  • Saddle Hills Telecom Tower

    Solar and Battery

  • Other Projects

    Peace Point Solar and Battery to reduce diesel (commissioning stage)

    Indian Cabins and Steen River Solar and Battery (planning stages)

    Fawcett River Telecom Tower (solar and battery)

    Smith Rural battery project