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  • Driving the future with Autonomous Transportation

    We are embracing the future of low-carbon transportation through an exciting new sponsorship. Meet ELA: one of the first electric autonomous vehicle open to the public in Canada. 

    ELA will be operated by Pacific Western Transportation (PWT) and will be equipped with a mobility ramp, air conditioning and 4G connectivity for data monitoring. ELA will accommodate 12 people and travel at 12 km/h on a road separate from the rest of traffic. Although ELA is completely driverless, an operator will always be on board to take control if necessary. Watch this  video to see how it works

    The 100 per cent electric shuttle model EZ10, ELA is built by EasyMile, one of the leading autonomous vehicle technology companies. The EZ10 has been deployed in 20 countries worldwide where the technology has been tested and proven safe for public use. ELA will also assist with the advancement of research opportunities in Alberta – proving us as leaders in transportation technology.

    “Today, the pace of change is faster than we may realize. We are only a few years away from electric and autonomous vehicles being mainstream. At ATCO, we are focused on innovation, including electrification of transportation, from smart charging and energy management to charging infrastructure. As part of our commitment to innovation and to a low-carbon future for Alberta, we are very proud to sponsor the autonomous vehicle pilot “ELA” and excited to be providing a glimpse into the future of sustainable transportation today” said Francois Blouin, Director of Innovation of ATCO’s Electricity Business at the media launch of ELA on Wednesday September 5.

    Albertans, your chance to meet ELA is here!

    From September 8 to September 30, ELA will be shuttling visitors between the Calgary Zoo LRT Station and TELUS Spark in Calgary for free. For Edmontonians, the self-driving vehicle will be running from October 6 to November 25 at different locations. Visit Ride with ELA to find out more about ELA in your location. 

    While you’re riding the vehicle of the future, keep your eyes open for the chance to win tomorrow’s technology for your home. ATCOenergy is giving away a smart home package complete with a Google home, a Nest video doorbell, Philips smart bulbs and more.

    Stay tuned to the ATCO Electric Twitter where we will post photos of ELA in action!